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Since 2018, we have worked with many brands and local businesses to get more customers using social media ads. We are experts in identifying correct targeting parameters, budgets, time-frames, and other factors in social media advertising. 

Social media advertising is a popular marketing method to boost your business’ reach and customer conversion. Social media’s massive hold of active users opens up endless business possibilities. While the organic method does work in the long run, you’d still need to do some business today as well. Social media ads enable that quick boost of sales to your business.

Social media ads provide various targeting options, retargeting, budget management, and many other features that help you increase sales and return on investment (ROI). Advertising on social media can be a difficult task to achieve when you do not have the technical knowledge that works the social media platforms. It is best to work with a social media marketing company

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising has become a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience and engage with potential customers in ways never before possible. With the rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, businesses have a unique opportunity to target their ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, maximizing the impact of their advertising budgets. It is a paid method of marketing where a brand or company can reach out to social media users outside of their followers list based on target parameters and budget. 

Social media advertising has revolutionized the way businesses connect with their target audiences. Unlike traditional advertising methods, such as TV or radio ads, social media advertising offers unparalleled precision in targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision targeting ensures that your ads reach the right people at the right time, maximizing your chances of engagement and conversion.

How does Social Media Ads work?

Social media ads work by leveraging the immense user base and detailed targeting options available on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. Advertisers can create custom audiences based on factors such as age, location, interests, and online behaviors. Using these parameters, social media platforms create audience groups to show the ads to. These ads can take various forms, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more, depending on the platform and campaign objectives. You can set bidding strategies like cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and budgets to control ad spend. You can also utilize data from previous ad campaigns and website visits using pixel codes. It is called retargeting and is a great way to re-engage users at different stages of the sales funnel to increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value. Combining all these with a robust customer service will get you the desired results from social media advertising. 

Cost of Social Media Advertising in Nepal

The cost of social media advertising in Nepal can vary depending on factors such as the platform chosen, the target audience, the ad format, and campaign objectives. Generally, social media ads in Nepal follow a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (CPM) model, where advertisers pay based on the interactions or views their ads receive. With careful planning and optimization, businesses can achieve significant results within their budgetary constraints. It is important to understand the platform, and audience preferences before proceeding with ads. 

These costs are exclusive of agency charges if you’re looking to work with a social media advertising agency. Agency charges usually start from NPR 10,000 per month and can go on based on many factors like the length of the campaign, number of platforms, campaign objectives, the expertise of the agency, and commission charges if any. 


What Metrics and KPIs Do You Use to Measure the Success of a Social Media Advertising Campaign?

We measure success based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall campaign ROI.

What Sets Hypeyeti Apart from Other Companies?

Our unique blend of creativity, data-driven strategies, and deep market insights sets us apart. We prioritize understanding your business and audience to create tailored campaigns that deliver tangible results.

What Tools Do You Use in Social Media Advertising?

We leverage a range of tools and platforms including Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Ads, WhatsApp Business, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and various analytics and reporting tools to optimize campaigns, track performance, and drive actionable insights.

How Important Is Ad Creativity in Social Media Advertising Success?

Ad creativity plays an important role in the success of social media advertising campaigns. It helps to catch the attention of the users and builds the brands image. 

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