Search Engine Optimization

Are you on search engines like Google or Bing? Do you want to rank on them and increase your brand? 

If yes, you should go for Search Engine Optimization. 

So which is the best SEO company in Nepal for your business? 

Look no further! Hypeyeti Marketing is one of the best SEO company in Nepal. 

Our team of qualified and experienced SEO experts work closely with you to understand your brand’s ethics and message to align them with your website while applying SEO techniques that will get your web pages ranked on the target business keywords. We also try to sync our SEO campaigns with your other digital marketing campaigns being a digital marketing company ourselves. 

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Our biggest strengths is our SEO Roadmap that analyzes the gap between you and your competitors and how to bridge that. Our expertise in different aspects of SEO is also unquestionable. Not only our SEO personnel but our developers are SEO-friendly with years of experience to give our clients’ websits a head-start.

Grow your online presence of your business with an SEO plan that best suits your model.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Technical SEO

Optimizing the key technical aspects of a website to improve user experience and help the search engine bot crawl your website for quicker and more efficient indexing and ranking.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO includes changes in content like texts, images, videos, etc. that provide proper signal to the search engine what your website or a particular web page on the website is selling or talking about.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is mainly based on building links that help search engines build relevancy and authority. Links can be referred to as SEO currency as more links from authoritative and relevant sites build trust with your brand.

Local SEO

Utilize the massive popularity of Google Maps and local search by increasing your visibility and brand value from targeted Local SEO campaigns.

SEO in Nepal

SEO in Nepal is still a developing industry. The SEO companies in Nepal find it difficult to find Nepali clients who are tech-friendly and are able to comprehend the process in SEO. Mainly, the older generations are hesitant to invest in digital marketing channels not only SEO. Due to this, most SEO companies in Nepal prefer working with only the international clients who outsource to Nepal. 

However, Digital fold is taking place slowly in Nepal and will catch up to the rest of world in the coming years. The industry of SEO services in Nepal undoubtedly has a huge potential due to the change in people’s daily life being dependent on gadgets and search engines. SEO holds massive marketing and business development potential which is still underestimated in Nepal due to the general people’s traditional buying attitude.

SEO Basics

Definition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving how the search engine perceives your website or web page using various techniques thereby improving your website’s ranking on search engines eventually increasing the quality and frequency of the website traffic.

SEO is a completely organic way of getting visitors to your website. SEO takes time as it is organic. It’s results grow over time. To start seeing results, it might take from 4 to 6 months minimum. Many brands oversee SEO but the fact is it has a lot of value for your business. Once your rankings start getting higher, your ROI starts to increase exponentially. 

More than 5.6 billion searches are made in a day. To have your website clicked is very competitive. Secure the top position on search engines with our expert SEO team and scale your business.

Why SEO?

Increase in Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is completely an organic method to bring in more targeted visitors that are interested in your products and services or the information that you are passing. Building stream of organic traffic is more beneficial financially than any PPC methods.

Cost Effective

A well-planned SEO campaigns continues to deliver results over-time and increases the average return-on-investment significantly. The brand value and search engine rankings that SEO generates helps you get leads even after the campaign is stopped.

Increases Brand Value

Brand names that are constantly visible at the top of search results for queries are remembered by the users and are considered trustworthy and reliable. The brand momentum created by SEO when matched by the level of products, services or information you provide is matched by none.

Builds Trust

Getting seen on top of search result pages builds trust which helps you convert clients and customers through other digital marketing channels. Websites and brands that are ranked by search engines are often considered credible and trustworthy by target audience.


How costly is SEO?

SEO is not costly in Nepal. On average, the monthly cost of SEO can range from NPR 20,000 to NPR 50,000 in Nepal.

Is SEO effective?

Yes. SEO when done with an accomplished SEO company is effective.
There are many new startups that are providing SEO services in Nepal, but they do not have proper experience and are beginners in SEO.

How do I choose the best SEO company in Nepal?

To choose a reliable SEO company in Nepal, you should analyze their experience in SEO and the results they can delivered.

Why should I work with Hypeyeti for SEO campaign?

We have worked with a range of clients for SEO and various digital marketing campaigns and scaled them to great heights. Our team is comprised of experienced personnel and we work on a detailed roadmap for successful campaigns.

How is SEO done?

SEO includes a lot of audits and analysis based on which a website or web page is updated to make search engines rank it. Off-page SEO is part of SEO that includes getting backlinks from other websites. 

Yes. Backlinks are important. Backlinks can be referred to as the currency in SEO where the more backlinks you have you have more chances of getting ranked for the target keyword. 

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