Top 7 Google Ranking Factors: An Ultimate Guide

top 7 google ranking factor - an ultimate guide

If you are searching to find solutions on how to make your websites on top of search results, you have to implement some methods and factors of google. Google provides us with various guidelines, to create complete awareness of the google algorithm techniques and other policies. From which we can know the ranking factors can also be an algorithm. Algorithms like a panda, penguin, hummingbird, Fred, mobile-friendly, etc, are the top algorithm that can gradually decrease the ranking of sites.

Most of the time, we need to follow the rules of these algorithms but google has declared itself some ranking factors that need to follow. However, ranking factors for web pages can be different for some SEOs, but we will discuss the top 7 ranking factors below.

1. Complete Mobile-First Indexing

According to the plan google, there are many web pages that haven’t still switched to mobile-first indexing, Google is planning to switch every page into mobile indexing. So whenever websites publish posts, then completely mobile-friendly posts will be crawled, analyzing unnecessary pop ups ads, big-size images, long paragraphs, mobile responsive or not, etc, these are the primary factor to index your pages from mobile versions. All content should be visible through mobile, to make your pages crawlable and indexable. Post has to be mobile-friendly with proper text-align and image size with alt text. 

Below are the top issues of mobile Indexing, which have to be checked before you publish a post.

  1. Text Too Small To Read Error
  2. Content wider than screen error
  3. Clickable elements are too close together

2. Page Experiences

From May 2021, page experience has been the top-ranking factor considered by Google. It is a set of signals that show how users are experiencing interacting with your web pages. Websites should be vi Google has included 7 elements for page experience factor and they are;

  • Largest contentful paint (Loading): It estimates the loading performance of pages. It should be in the range of 2.5 seconds.         
  • First input delay (Interactivity): It estimates the interactivity of users with web pages. This should be under 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative layout shift (Visual stability): It estimates the points of arrival. the page ought to keep a CLS of under 0.1.
  • mobile-friendly: As already discussed above, users are on mobile devices more than desktops. Following all the criteria for mobile-friendly, you can make mobile responsive, images should fit onto the screen, unnecessary distracting ads should be removed, and pop-up chatbots can easily hide the content behind them, these are the most common issues you can find, which should be solved frequently. 
  • HTTPs : HTTPs are also one of the ranking signals. If your client’s website is still in HTTP then shift that website to HTTPS. Users only want to visit a secure website, not the sites that shows not secure. Safe browsing is what users always want to visit. On those websites, you can use always safely credit cards for different purposes like donating, online shopping, etc. its always easy to connect with the google search console. 

3. Structured Data Or Schema Data

After page experience, schema data gradually became the factor to be considered for the ranking. Google has been analyzing structured data as the top factor in 2022 because schema helps to easily understand the content of pages. There are many schema types and they are, logo, video, FAQ, Reviews and rating, etc. you must implement this kind of schema on your websites.

As Google says, the wrong implementation of schema on your websites can have a manual penalty. Tools like google search console also provide the data according to which schema you had implemented on your websites. So, it’s quite easy to understand those reports.

4. Focus On Multimedia

Images and videos should be part of your SEO strategy.  Properly optimized images can give you Image search traffic to your websites. Videos not only help to bring traffic to your websites but also helps in branding and lead conversion. Simply, you can upload one video about your business on youtube with the right keywords and descriptions after that embedded on to your website using video schema, it helps a video search results can directly help your uploaded videos on google results can lead to more visitors and after that conversion. 

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5. Focus On Local SEO

if your website is about any local business then you should focus on more local SEO.For this, Optimize Google my Business as Local SEO with proper strategy. If you go on google and type any keyword, the results can be seen on the ranking google my business listing. Those listings are properly optimized with proper keywords, reviews, and images. exact location, social links, etc. having a proper strategy for optimizing google my business can lead to frequent results on traffic and customers. You may not know any visitors can leads to conversions. So, optimize everything properly and manually which leads to amazing results.

6. Intent Matters

Don’t do keyword research only, focus research on keyword intent also. It’s necessary to research search volume about particular keywords but also very necessary for the intent of keywords to be found. why are those keywords are searched by users? you should focus on these things while keyword research, not only checking search volume and difficulty about keywords but also checking the keyword intent. Keyword intent matters in every post for blogging or e-commerce websites etc. 

7. Focus On Technical SEO

Basically, technical SEO means optimizing your websites to help search engines find, understand, and index your pages. If your website has problems in indexing, crawling, and ranking then technical SEO is much needed for your site. Technical SEO is all about technical things in your website like considering robots.txt, sitemaps.xml, htaccess, HTTPS, mobile-friendly, no-index meta tags. the websites without these factors won’t provide any value to google.

These are the things that need to be considered in websites to rank higher and get better results. Complete digital marketing services will be provided by the Hype yeti marketing Pvt. Ltd. you can easily contact hype yeti for more details.  Hype yeti has been given services to many businesses to reach on top and at their best and always work for results-driven.

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