Why Do I Need SEO Services For My Small Online Business?

why do i need seo for my online business

SEO Services can bring your business into the subsequent stage, transforming even new and independent ventures into fruitful online businesses. Of course, your product is very important for your business, but if people do not know about your product then you can’t have a successful business.  

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Basically, Search engine optimization is considered as gaining more organic traffic organically. It is the process of optimizing your websites. so, the search engines can rank you higher in search engine results.

SEO aims to improve your site’s position in search engine results pages. When you search for anything using a search engine such as google you are most likely to click on the first few results and just like you there are millions of people searching for all sorts of things.

They will hardly ever get past the first few search results, besides, 75% of users don’t scroll beyond the first page of search results, so ranking is important. The better the traffic the better the ranking. From a business point of view, you need to get your websites in the top search results.

Why SEO Is Important For Websites?

why seo is important for your websites

There are many sources of traffic. You can drive paid ads, social media, influencers, and several other sources to your websites. If organic traffic is not your main source of traffic, it may not be long before you stop receiving traffic. For example, if you run paid ads, you can see a high influx of audience visiting your website, but once you end your paid ads, your traffic will go down drastically.

It’s the same in social media channels too. If you stop sharing fresh new content on your websites, it is like your traffic will also take a drop. According to many researchers, 53% of the audience comes to a website with SEO efforts. Let’s say you have a website, for cooking recipes and have optimized the website with relevant keywords.

When someone searches for cooking recipes, your websites will appear in search results and will click on your websites.  In this case, the traffic coming to your websites is organic and will be constant. When implemented correctly, SEO can continue to drive traffic without much effort.

Often when you ranked for a few keywords, there is not much more effort required. Maybe just minor tweaks here and there. The majority of the work is put in initially when you want to start ranking for keywords, and once you are ranked the traffic will come on organically.

Seo is important for any kind of business. While search engines have become smarter over time, it is still important to optimize your websites. The user tends to click on your websites when you offer solutions to them. So, providing value-rich content along with good SEO can lead to more traffic and hence more conversions and revenue.

The best way to understand, why SEO is important is to take an example of two businesses, let’s say A & B that are selling the same products. Business A has search engines optimized websites and constantly improves its ranking. Business B has a website and does not focus on SEO

Which Business Is Likely To Have Better Conversions?

Of course, all other things being equal,  business A with an optimized website is likely to attract more customers through searches. Whether your competitors are doing it or not, you need to focus on SEO, and implementations of websites for SEO need s to be conducted gradually. On average, 83 percent of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO and 17 percent from paid search.

organic traffic is search engine traffic that is not from paid ads. It is of high quality and one of the best sources of traffic. More traffic also means more conversions. Results in better user experience – often website owners will overlook the user experience of their websites.

A good user experience is a combination of neat design, fast-loading websites, relevant photos and videos, an easy checkout process and no errors, etc. And if websites improve SEO, they will need to improve the user experience as well. An improved user experience can lead to higher conversion. 

Increases Conversions

SEO is important to increase the credibility of websites. If Google and other search engines are ranking you higher in search results. It obviously means, they have some trust in your websites. The search engine understands that your website is relevant to certain search queries. Users also understand that your website is credible enough to be ranked for the search terms. this is an excellent way to build brand awareness. 

SEO has the best Return Of Investment

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. This means you are not putting yourself out there and interrupting people with ads. Instead, when people are searching for your product or services, your websites show up in search results and they land on your websites.

They already have an interest in your product and services. Else why would they be searching for those terms? Hence, there is not much more convincing that you need to do. When you rank higher in search results. You have won most of the battle before it even starts.  

Some Of The SEO Ranking Factors:

There are several factors considered by search engines when ranking websites in search results. Here are the major ones that you must optimize for. If you want to rank higher in the search results.  

1. Relevant And Optimized Content

Search engine algorithms rely on keywords. These are words and phrases that users search for. They are also words and phrases that should be on your websites and should guide search engines about your website’s topics.

Ideally, the two should match up, i.e keywords that people search for and keywords on your websites. For example, if your website is related to cars, you don’t expect it to show up in search results for computers because your websites will have content related to cars. 

Have you ever realized how accurate search results are?

This is usually due to search engines understanding a website’s content and ranking it for only relevant search terms, 

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Consider two competitors who have similar websites and sell similar products in a similar niche. If one has responsive websites that fit any screen size, e.g desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. The other has a non-responsive website that only fits on a large desktop. 

Search engines will rank the responsive websites higher in search results. This will result in more traffic to the websites. That is mobile responsive. Your websites should be responsive and not just for ranking purposes only but also for a better user experience for your visitors. 

3. Website’s speed

Another major ranking factor is the website’s speed. A slow website results in a poor user experience as visitors won’s waste time waiting for the websites to load. Again let’s consider two sites in a similar niche, one website loads in under 3 seconds and the other in 9 seconds. Which websites have higher chances to get in better results? Yes, the one that loads in 3 seconds.

The search engine will always rank the websites that load faster in the top results. There are several ways in which you can increase a website’s speed like choosing a good host, using caching, and optimizing the code using CDNs. etc social signals.

When people share your content on social media, search engines understand that your content is valuable. They then reward your content with higher search rankings. This is because more social signals will most likely generate more traffic and can also result in more backlinks as well.

4. Bounce Rate

Another important factor, that will impact SEO is how long visitors spend on your websites. If your user lands on your websites and leaves quickly, it means they have most probably not found what they are looking for. Hence, they end up looking elsewhere. If your bounce rate is high, it means your content is not relevant to the search query. Your websites will eventually end up ranking lower.

5. Security

An SSL certificate is vital for any website. Not just for ranking purposes but for the overall security of websites. Search engines tend to rank websites that have a valid SSL certificate installed higher in search results. This is to ensure users are not at risk.

Search engine optimization, therefore, involves identifying the ranking factors considered by search engines and optimizing your websites to comply with those ranking factors. Although there are several other ranking factors, the above list contains all the major factors that will impact SEO ranking.

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