Changing Landscapes Of Digital Marketing In Nepal

Digital marketing is a way to reach customers through various channels like social media, the internet, search engines, email, or other channels. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote a market products and services to targeted consumers and businesses.” 

History Of Digital Marketing

The “digital marketing” term was used first in the 1990s. The digital era took its pace after the invention of the internet and web 1.0’s development. In web 1.0, users were allowed to find the information they wanted but there was no access to share the information over the web. Due to this problem, marketers were not fully sure about marketing digitally. 

After the birth of yahoo and google, the number of internet users rocketed. Then came web 2.0, which solved the problem of web 1.0. Now users became more active. web 2.0 allowed people to interact with each other and different businesses. In the 2000s, with the rapid growth of internet users, customer behavior was changing.

Instead of consulting a specific salesperson, people started searching for the product they want on the internet first and forming the decision accordingly. In 2007, marketing automation was developed. Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online such as email, social media, websites, etc., and automates repetitive tasks.

Division of customers, the launch of multichannel marketing campaigns, and providing personalized information for customers based on their activities were made easier by marketing automation. After the rise of social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, youtube, and Twitter, people began spending a lot of time on these platforms regularly as they were very addictive. 

This was the best opportunity for marketers around the world to try digital marketing. During the coronavirus outbreak, almost every business was affected in many ways. During the coronavirus outbreak, almost every business was affected in many ways.

To revive these businesses is the biggest challenge one can face. One sure shot decision they must make to revive in this time where people are spending more time online than ever before is to amplify their digital presence. If your business has no digital presence and you wish to reach more people in today’s highly competitive marketing environment then it’s time to dial Hype yeti marketing Pvt. Ltd

Digital Marketing In Nepal

The trend of digital marketing in Nepal is hyping like never before. Many Nepali businesses from small/medium to large businesses are slowly shifting from traditional marketing platforms like tv, newspaper, and billboard advertisement to digital marketing. Mostly the small/medium businesses were facing the problem of high prices and low return of investment in the traditional marketing spaces.

Digital marketing was the best choice for them as it is affordable and effective and can reach a larger audience very fast. People are consuming news and entertainment from phones, tablets, or computers. As of May 2021, there are in total of 27.3 million internet users in Nepal which increased by 5.8 million in a year. 

This means 90 percent of Nepalese have internet access now and The graph is increasing every year. The wave of digital marketing in Nepal hit a little late. This is mainly because of the political conditions of the country. When digital marketing had just started in the 1990s, Nepal had just overthrown panchayat rule to welcome democracy and soon after that in 1995, the Maoist revolution started which went on for 10 years.

Finally, In 2008 the Nepalese monarchy was abolished to declare Nepal the Federal Democratic Republic. The country was slowly rising but the load-shedding was a new reason to hold back the growth of the internet and digital marketing. 

Finally, In 2017, the problem of load shedding was solved and the Digital marketing took the pace like never before. Then, the global pandemic forced businesses to go digital. People were using the internet and social media a lot and the brands saw the best opportunity to do digital marketing. It worked like magic. 

Now the number of companies that do digital marketing has grown a lot. Hype yeti marketing Pvt. Ltd is the best digital marketing company in Kathmandu specializing in social media marketing, Search engine marketing, digital ads, marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, meme marketing, and many more. 

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Since 2017 the growth, popularity, hype, and effectiveness of digital marketing in Nepal is increasing every year. Marketing simply means connecting with your audience at the right place and time. Now you can meet them where they are already spending their time regularly: on the internet. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has a broad geographic reach. There are more than 4.95 billion internet users worldwide.

That means 62.5% of the total population of the world uses the internet actively. After you post an ad online, people all around the world can see it(if you don’t limit your ad geographically). The limit of your business’s market reaches the sky. Not only does digital marketing helps to reach more audience than traditional marketing, but they also carry low cost with effective results. 

The cost for newspaper and television ad spots is insanely high and they don’t assure you whether your target audience will see it or not. You can target the specific age, gender, religion, race, or ethnicity while running digital marketing ads. Monitoring the results is simple with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing software tracks the numbers of the people you’ve reached automatically. That gives you clarity about your product’s reach in the market. You can also collect customer data that is more precise. If you are offering online courses and want to prepare for two special offers to the people who checked your product then you know it’d be better if you prepare two campaigns. we have our own professional team members. 


One for the parents of students under age 18 who mostly decide for their children and one for the students above age 18 who themselves decide about what they want to choose. It is easier to communicate with your customers in real-time with digital marketing. They can directly contact you, share your social media posts and even comment on them. 

Interactivity will benefit them too. Their engagement with your brand will increase and they’ll always be updated about your brand which can create brand loyalty. According to Unilever’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Marc Mathieu, marketing used to be about creating a myth and selling it and is now about finding the truth and sharing it.

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