6 Effective Content Writing Checklist For Beginners

Writing content is easy. But writing contents that impact your audience? Now that’s hard. Content is a way to tell your brand’s story to target audience. And to craft a one, is an art. If you spend a dollar, content marketing will generate 3X leads. Not to mention, it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

If executed well, it will lead you to effective results concerning your brand awareness, engagement, brand loyalty and conversions. Content writing is something you get better at overtime. But to give you a head start, we have listed 5 effective tips for you.

1.Start With Keyword Search:

Keywords research will let you know, what your target audiences are researching on and the things that they find relevant. So, start with something that people already want to read about. That makes it easy to get your content out there, ready to be consumed.

Moreover, using keyword will help you make your contents SEO friendly. If you can drive organic traffic to your website, you can work your way up to visibility in a cost-effective manner. So, invest your time in making your writings SEO friendly.

But don’t get too excited and overstuff your keywords. Any blog with stuffed keywords looks doubtful. Hence, your conversion rate goes down and all your effort with it.

2. Learn your Audiences' Need:

It’s very important to know, what your target audiences want to read from you. Before you start writing, take some time to analyze your audience and research on topics that they would be interested in. If you are a food blogger, people don’t come to your website to learn about, what music do they play at a certain restaurant.

Research is the key. And to guide you, there are search engines. Make use of them. Know what the audience demand from your content.

3. Craft An Attention-Grabbing Headline:

80% never make it past the headline . Crafting a headline with a compelling promise is not that easy. Your super amazing content will go wasted, if your headline is bland. To turn a browser into a reader, you need to work hard on your headline. But don’t stress, here are some tips to make your headline POP!

  • Make use of numbers example: 10 effective content writing tips
  • “How to” headline will work well example: How to write contents that sell
  • Ask questions example: Can a headline affect your blog?
  • Using words like tips and tricks example: tips and tricks that will improve your content

4. Make It easy To Read:

One of the primary features of a good content is that, it’s should be readable. You can write 1000 words blog but if that’s hard to consume, no one will read it. Your efforts will go in vain. Make your blog entertaining and fun.

How you make it entertaining will depend on the kind of format, you’re working on. This will also depend on your audience psychography (rewind to point number 2).

Mind the spacings. People usually like to skip long paragraphs. Make your paragraphs short and keep a good amount of white space in your blog. White spaces will make the read smooth. Your audience would want to read one more para and another and so on.

5. Don't Complicate It:

Big complicated words are a big NO NO. Usually the wordings are decided, again, according to your audience you are writing for. But generally, a written piece should be written keeping in mind the general audience and not your sophisticated ones.

Your website visitors are always in a hurry. If they don’t find your content to be understandable, they’ll switch to other sites in no time. Your goal is to make the writings simple. Even a middle schooler should be able to read your content and comprehend the point you are trying to make.

6. Give Your Content A Personal Touch:

Always refer to your audiences as “You”. This will automatically give a personal touch to your blog. It will build a connection between you and your audience. They were searching for something and you should provide just that. From the audiences’ side too, they want to engage with you.

They too, are looking for a personal touch form the writer. Third person words never make way for the engagement between the writer and the reader. If you are finding, it hard to write your content and spending way too much time stressing on it, don’t you worry.

Here at Hypeyeti, we provide you with engaging and SEO friendly contents for your website so that you can focus your time on running your business. Get in touch with our team. Let us take off the burden of content marketing off your shoulder.

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