Local SEO

Local SEO is a type of SEO that focuses on a locality or a city. Local SEO is suitable for businesses that have a physical location and require walk-in customers for a transaction. Restaurants, dentists, laundry, gyms, etc. are some industries that can benefit from Local SEO. Local SEO is mostly associated with Google Maps and rightly so as for most local keywords, Google shows Google Maps pack. Any niche whose keyword results display map packs should go for Local SEO. 

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Local SEO is a relatively unique concept in SEO. Unlike traditional SEO, local SEO deals with queries that include a specific geo-location. For such geo-specific queries, search engines usually show a map pack that includes listings of businesses in the relevant industry and location. When delivering such results, search engines take into account various factors such as local directory listings, local citations, reviews on Google Maps, information matching, etc. 

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